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Friday, December 23, 2011

How We Reduced Our Cable, Internet, and Phone Bills

Last Saturday at Sam’s Club I was approached by a Direct TV salesman who wanted to know which TV service I used. I immediately told him that I used digital rabbit ears and Netflix. I also told them that I was very satisfied with Netflix since I do not watch much TV and it is inexpensive. I forgot to tell him that it DOES NOT have commercials. Overall, everyone loves Netflix in our household; we do not feel that we are missing out on anything.

 Since our move from LaGrange, GA in 2009, we have totally redone our phone, cable and internet services. In LaGrange we had Charter Cable TV and Internet service. For our phone service, we used Vonage. In total, we paid $162.95 a month for phone, cable and internet service in LaGrange. That resulted in a yearly total of $1,955.40!

 Here in Lake Park we decide not to get cable TV service. Instead, we began using our computer and our AT&T internet service to “watch TV." Over a year ago, we discovered Netflix, and we were instantly hooked. For our phone service, we opted to use a Skype subscription that allowed unlimited U.S. and Canada calling for $30 a year. We also decided to pay $30 a year to have a “regular” phone number. So, for a grand total of $60 a year we have a house phone with unlimited long-distance calling. That is $5 a month!

Here is the summary:

  • Phone: $30 for service + $30 for number = $60 for one year of unlimited U.S. service 
  • Cable: $0 Netflix: 95.88 a year Internet: $43 per month = $516 a year 
  • Total of $671.88 a year 

  •  Previously: Charter Cable and Internet: $130.40 a month or $1,564.80 a year 
  • Vonage for phone: 32.55 a month or $390.60 a year 
  • Total of $1,955.40 a year Difference of $1,283.52 a year. 

 If you feel you are paying too much for phone, TV and internet services, you probably are. Start poking around and make the necessary changes.